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Has it ever happened to you? You have a product on your mind. You happen to know how the design should look like. What will be the colour? Where will it look good? How can you use it creatively?

You always wish to have a home décor product. A product that is simple to use. Décor set up which can be made in a few mins. A décor setup that doesn’t just look good but stands out.

You go out in the market to try to find it in brick and mortar shops or even online shopping websites. Sometimes, they do have something a little bit similar to it. But it’s not just the way you want it. You want it in your way. And you end up using a product which is just mediocre. Which is far away from what you were expecting ?

This is what used to happen to me 3 years ago. I had some product designs, ideas, on my mind. I used to find it in the available markets and end up using what’s available but not what I want.

Located at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, we are a team of 4. I started making products the way I want it. We started developing, designing, manufacturing & curating products of home décor. Initially, we get it made from suppliers. But then we learned. We developed our skills.