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Alyuva Soap Free Refreshing Face Wash is made with natural ingredients and is safe for delicate face skin. The Ph value of the product is adjusted to make it gentle and mild to suit all types of skin. The face wash is free from harmful chemical soaps and is SLS/SLES free. Aloe Vera & Apple Cider Vinegar not only remove dirt from the face but also restore freshness and glow. Oats Ext. is a natural cleanser which removes dirt and oil and exfoliates the skin. Rose Water, Calendula Ext. and Glycerine keep the skin hydrated, smoothen age lines and wrinkles and makes you look radiant and younger. The face wash is supplemented with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E which keep the skin moisturized, hydrated and healthy.
Alyuva Refreshing Face Wash is formulated with natural ingredients and is very gentle on the delicate face skin.
* Alyuva Face Wash not only removes dirt from the face but also restores freshness and glow and reduces aging signs.
• Alyuva Face Wash gently removes the dead skin and makes the skin bright, radiant and youthful.
• Alyuva Face wash not only cleanses the skin but also moisturizes and hydrates it.
• Soap Free, SLS & SLES Free, Chemical free, Paraben free, Alcohol free, 100% Vegetarian, made from Natural & Herbal ingredients.

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