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Gauri – Himalayan Haldi + Witch Hazel is a gentle and balancing face toner that helps fight the dirt, grime , makeup and the effect of urban pollution

Toner/Cleanser/Face & Scalp Spritizer

Face Toner/Hydrosol Benefits :
Alcohol Free
Helps tighten pores
Inpart even looking texture
It helps balance the ph level of the skin
It helps fight acne & extra oil on the skin
It Helps Fight the harmful effects of urban pollution & lifestyle .
It helps preparing the ground for better absorption of the serums.
Organic face spritzer benefits of our organic pahadi haldi boosts skin health the second step to radiant skin works as a cleansing , toner and natural astringent highly recommended for acne prone skin.
Acts as a Natural Astringent .
For All Skin type
How To Use :
Spray the Witch Hazel Distillate generously over your skin after shave or waxing . This will help reduce any inflammation and heal cuts faster .
Apply with existing products .
Mix with Nyra to form a pasty mixture to use as a gentle Exfoliant or a Mask .
Follow up with Ziya – Vitamin C Serum for Fading Pigmentation Regime
Follow up with Ghrikumari Gel Based Moisturiser for Acne Prone Skin
Follow up with Mridyati Face Serum at Night for Radiant & Healthy Complexion
Give your hair & scalp a gentle deep cleanse before jumping in the shower .
Add it to your Face Masks/ Hair Masks instead of water.
Ingredients :
Curcuma longa Distillate Water ,Hamamelis Virginiana,Velsan® SC and Propanediol ,Benzoic Acid .

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Our Brand belongs to the the Hill State of Uttarakhand and works closely with the Pahadi Women , we source our ingredients from small batch farmers, formulate according to our old beauty secrets blend them with healing essential oils & green actives carefully and hygienically bottling them in recyclable packaging
Our Pahadi Beauty Recipes and Secrets boast of a wide range of highly effective state grown plants such as Hemp,Apricot Gutti Ka Tel, Himalayan Haldi (Turmeric) , Pahadi Gulaab Rose , Hibiscus which we infuse with the Green Actives in our state of the art facilities.
Every product says a story of effective beauty rituals which have come down from one generation to another. Our Labels feature the Folk Art of Uttarakhand – Aipan which is done by the women in Uttarakhand on special religious occasions. Come Experience Plant Based Beauty with Amayra Naturals Amayra Naturals is A Clean Conscious n Caring Skincare Brand with its roots in Aromatherapy, Green Chemistry and Himalayan Rituals.