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An all herbal natural formula for longer stronger hair. With the goodness of Amla, shikakai, reetha, this shampoo bar is enriched with Coconut oil, sesame oil, and shea butter.

Every year billions of shampoo bottles are disposed of, but being plastic it never degrades, a handful of it reaches to being recycled. Not only the disposing of these bottles is a problem but also making it requires a lot of chemicals and emits a lot of carbon.


No chemical – no paraben – no sulfate – all-natural and herbal
Stops hair fall and makes it grow longer
Makes your hair stronger from the roots and cleanses deeply
A visible result from the first wash, hair becomes healthy, voluminous, and shiny
Comes wrapped in a muslin cloth in a biodegradable box – no plastic packaging
Each soap 100gms
Handcrafted with love
Made in small batches

How to use:

Simply wet your hair and rub the shampoo bar, it lathers well and removes oil.
If heavy oiling is done in hair, kindly repeat the process, should you feel oil is not removed.
After washing you will see healthy and lustrous hair.


Keep the bar in a dry place as it has natural oils. Choose a soap dish that is well perforated to drain out all the water.
These are all-natural handmade products; no two products will look exactly the same. Embrace this uniqueness in each product as that is the beauty and proof of handmade products.

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil, Flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, hemp oil, Shea butter, NAOH, Basil essential oil, Neem, Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Brahmi, Bhringraj

Weight: 100g

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions31 × 16 × 5 cm


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