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Beautiful Beaded Mala to revitalise your Inner God.
CA- Beautiful NANG- Purpose
Design philosophy of CANANG seeks inspiration from Canang sari, it is one of the daily offerings of Bali people which is seen in the Balinese temples as a symbol of thanksgiving. Canang tray comprises various colored flowers placed in a specific direction. Each direction symbolises a Hindu God. White colored flowers represent Iswara, red colored flowers represent Brahma, yellow colored flowers represent Mahadeva and Blue or green colored flowers represent Vishnu.
As the name suggests each mala is created with a color reference of flowers kept in Canang sari as a symbol of the Inner revival with the name of God. Drenched with the benefits of medicinal herbs and printed with hand-picked flowers, Canang malas holds the calm to brighten up your soul with a refreshing vibe.
Beautifully handcrafted, our MALA is a result of a great philosophy that we diligently practice in Bageeya and that is “Zero waste “.Crafted from remaining katrans ( the leftover fabrics ), our mala is designed in varied layers and design. They add just the right amount of sustainable essence in your day to day attire. Canang Mala helps you maintain the conscious lifestyle that you are looking for and also create an elegant charismatic look.
Pair it up with your free-flowing kaftans or oomph up your simple outfit and let your vibe be relaxed!
Length: 155cm

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Weight0.062 kg
Dimensions12.7 × 15.24 × 5.08 cm


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BAGEEYA is a conscious and sustainable brand that thrives on a vision to beautify and nurture the people without harming our mother earth. We have put our diligent efforts to come up with versatile, finely tailored, eco-dyed, and eco-printed garments which can redefine the word “FASHION”. The range of clothing takes birth from natural dyes, for centuries believed to have medicinal properties. The prints and textures on each article are uniquely formed using actual leaves and flowers.

Bageeya envisions to spread Sustainability with AFFORDABILITY and UTILITY in the mass that wants to bring a change in the pattern of fashion consumption. Extensive work has been performed on developing hand-woven fabrics and eco-dyeing it with herbs and flowers which have medicinal, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Our palette has had Natural dyes from Flowers like Marigold, Tesu, Rose, Harad, Lac, Myrobalan, Walnut, Madder, Katha, Indigo, and Leaves of Guava. We reuse extract of Dyes to make further range of our textures.
The garments of BAGEEYA do not only beautify the beholder but nourish and protect their skin. Versatility is our core value that we carry in our collections. We are willing to grow as a brand which keeps a holistic approach towards every life our products reach.

Our creators are a trivial group of self-taught craftswomen, who belongs from a very simple Indian background. They channelize their Inner potential in creating beautiful textile art pieces while learning every day the unique behaviour of the natural dye. At Bageeya we believe in providing our artisans and workers with a nurturing environment where they can learn new aspects of their craft and utilise their skill to its optimum level.