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Your go-to dress for a brunch, the Elaine Orchard dress is breezy, comfortable and perfect for a sunny day. Throw a leg, sip some orange nectar, munch on some chickpeas and lettuce as you glow, resplendent in your drape. The off shoulder dress comes in a sublime dotted pattern with columns of short stripes. Made from 100% Eris silk, it is gentle on your skin and designed especially for your dates, lunches and day events, so you can feel both beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Embrace the Sun Goddess in you with our fresh, sun-kissed dress.

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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions28 × 20 × 15 cm


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Kerve and Weves take the legacy of Assam of silk and fashion into a range of modern apparel . Each of our pieces is a story in itself , hand woven and spun with love and thoughtfulness , designed for every mood and vibe .