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Neelibringadi oil is one of the most celebrated Ayurvedic formulations for hair care.

Swara Bliss Neelibhringadi Oil is inspired by the age-old Ayurvedic Kerala method. Enriched with herbs like amla, bhringaraj, neeli,mulethi and milk, Swara Bliss Neelibhringadi Oil helps treat multiple hair problems, like dandruff, hair fall and premature hair greying.

In this pure and effective formulation, amla and bhringaraj help to strengthen the hair, while neeli helps retain the natural hair colour. In addition, milk being a rich source of protein and vitamin B 12, helps retain moisture in hair and keep the scalp hydrated. This oil also helps open scalp pores and promote hair growth.
One of the best formulations to stop hair fall, fight dandruff and have good and thick hair growth.

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Weight.085 kg
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