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Perfect Gift for your loved one to start their journey of sustainable living.

Try our Pack of 12 Assort Edible Spoons and make a switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Filled with goodness of multi grains like oats, raagi, millets, chickpea. They are 100% biodegradable if not consumed

? ZERO waste

? 100% Vegan

? Can be used 45 minutes with cold desserts & 25

minutes in hot water

? Spoons are compostable in few days at home

? Do not need to be recycled or disposed of.

-100% VEGAN

-Super Healthy with Rich Dietary Fiber and 1.3-gram protein in each spoon

-100% Natural Ingredient

-No Added sugar

-No Preservatives

-Use with any type of meal and dessert

-The shelf life of 12 months

Pack Size: 12 Pcs

Weight: 8-10 gms (per Pc without packaging)

Dimension (L x W) : 140×35 mm


-Can be eaten/used by any age


also safe for Toddlers and children

– Usually used with in eating

snacks, desserts,

soups, salad, rice, ice-creams, acai

bowls and much more

-Can be used parties, take away,

restaurants, food-stalls, picnics,


– Create your own recipe!!

Be an Eco warrior and say NO to single use plastic spoons. Saving Earth was never so Tasty.

One Spoon can make a Big Difference!!”

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions8 × 7 × 4 cm


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We believe in creating an Eco System which is sustainable and zero waste.

Our Story
Our father, from a very early age believed strongly in creating an impact and doing good for our society. He always thought about the bigger picture and so understood the harm that plastic creates in our day to day life. Due to which he started business in recycling of plastic back in 1980s. We too supported his cause and joined his business wholeheartedly

But looking at the drastic climatic change and negative impact it was causing on our mother nature, we soon realized simply recycling is not enough.. We needed to altogether replace it and find an alternative.

We started our intensive research and found that plastic is immensely causing negative impact on humans, wildlife, flora fauna, causing hazardous health issues and most importantly being one of the major reasons of climate change.

After understanding the urgency, necessity and as a duty of human mankind. We decided to come up with an initiative to create zero waste products which are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

We aspire to set a future trend and ensure everyone understands importance of using these products and feel responsible to save our Earth