This would not be about sustainability in India and its consequences but Indian artisans. In the context of the word, sustainability means cooperation among the people that are associated with making the material and then putting it in a process. It is a matter of building an everlasting society. In India, we see a scenario where only small groups are making good use of their materials.
There has been an increase in the adoption of international practices and principles that have been established since the turn of the century. Social sustainability means that we are changing the way we do things so that our societies can operate differently. In other words, social and environmental sustainability is a facet of sustainable business practices.
For many rural artisans, urbanization is a threat to their way of life. To conserve rural community resources, most artisans move to the city. When this happens, people who want to preserve their traditional lifestyle are forced to abandon their communities. Rural communities therefore become unsustainable because they are no longer able to support a lasting lifestyle.
A rural community that wants to preserve its way of life should create a plan that includes all members of the community. Once the community commits to creating a credible lifestyle, the balance between the needs of residents and the needs of cities can be maintained. There is a clear distinction between the needs of people living in cities and people living in rural communities.
Sustainable development for urban areas have different meanings for people who are involved in the preservation of the environment. When both are practiced, the balance of nature and human communities can be preserved.
The presence of cultural heritage and traditions is also significant in this regard and the Indian Artisans Community has managed to live up to the existing norms while maintaining their traditions. Indian Artisans Community is a state and federal level Indian entity whose aim is to promote excellence in sustainable business practices.
They help the local artisans make use of their skills in making and selling art and their traditions to customers. They recognize the importance of knowledge and use these for sustainable social development. At the same time, they work on quality standards and effectuate methods so that the artisans can work for the benefit of society and the environment.
A major part of their activities is done to promote and improve the understanding of the importance of social and environmental sustainability in the individual artisans. With the introduction of these principles in the artisans’ mentality, they work for an entire society and make their artisans happy by satisfying the needs of consumers. For instance, they make sure that the products are made in an ecologically as well as using techniques and methods that help in maintaining the qualities of the product and use technology to improve the techniques.
In India, they look at sustainability in an economic context. The artisans market themselves to retailers and buyers. They create marketing strategies that bring them to new markets. While dealing with smaller-scale retailers, they try to set up partnerships and make sure that the items are supplied according to the particular needs of the customers.
Besides, they create awareness and promote their social practices and sustainable processes. They are involved in various activities that aim at sustaining the environment, conservation of nature, and ensuring a better future for the communities. They try to solve the problems that are associated with water scarcity and also create awareness among the customers about the issue.
The Artisans in India are aware of the fact that by using social practices, they can help the environment become healthier and have an enhanced social life. These are the people who are working to set up models that have a positive impact on society. These are the people who are taking steps to prove that sustainability in business is a key aspect of modern business practices.
To achieve sustainability in modern business practices, the Artisans of India are involved in awareness campaigns that strive to improve the environment. They have made tremendous efforts to become economically viable and sell art in an eco-friendly manner. They develop materials and make sure that the consumers are provided with innovative and aesthetically-pleasing products.
The artisans in India have awareness of the importance of human development and trying to be part of the solution to this problem. They need to come up with a strategy that would contribute towards the inclusion of sustainability into the minds of the consumers.
They need to develop methods that are capable of reaching out to consumers and these would help them achieve social and economic sustainability. Through these, they will not only make the products and the services accessible to the people but also ensure that the demand does not reduce, thereby leading to artisans succeeding.

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