Sustainability is a broad term that encompasses many different areas. Sustainable design in addition to the broad definition also includes the subject of social sustainability. A significant portion of your ability to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment is what you do with your properties. You may have the greatest of intentions but cannot control your neighbor’s garbage dumping or careless usage of pesticides.
Today’s society wants value for money. These ways of life lead to over-consumption and environmental degradation. A good way to tackle the problem is through social sustainability.
The goal is to ensure optimum usage of all available resources, including the social needs of people in the community. One way to achieve this is by ensuring there are community members who can do various things that will not damage the environment, including helping with gardening, cleaning up after lawn care, helping with landscape maintenance and more. People will then contribute to the community instead of just receiving.
The benefits of contributing are numerous for the community as well as an individual. For example, it means you will have a sense of ownership and that is important to sustain.. The initial base of sustainability is of utmost importance.
There are many ways in which social sustainability can be incorporated into a community. One of the most popular ways is co-housing, which is where people live together and share communal space such as a small apartment. This can be achieved by ensuring that all the residents get the same amenities that is, they use the same facilities such as an HVAC system, and they are all paying the same rates for it..
Using of indigenous resources also holds value in promotion of social sustainability. Local ponds can be used to fetch water for community gardens which again could be maintained by the people of the community together.
Educating the community could be done via meetings etc.. This is important so as to impel people who can view the world in its totality, including social systems, relationships, and economic systems, to become more sustainable themselves.
Social actions also include speaking out, supporting fair trade, and doing volunteer work. This is another way to help people become more sustainable and live a better life. It is only when people have an outlet for their energy and creativity that they are truly healthy and feel well.
When it comes to sustainable living, active participation is key. By showing energetic behavior you would be setting a fine example for people around you. Although do not try to over load yourself..
Incorporating others to work towards a common goal by involving them in daily or weekly activities could result in greater number of people understanding the importance of sustainability in the social setting.
Formulating a plan for the long term is the only way to handle specific situations where one might think they are going wrong.. For example, there is always going to be the potential for water pollution in any community. However, your plan should include prevention of things like that, rather than dealing with eventual damage.
Local planning is a complex topic. However, the opportunities for making a difference are vast. Be bold, do something that you are passionate about and see how it can change the world for the better.

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